Malvolio's Letter

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On June 4,1602 in Lady Olivia’s household, Malvolio, a steward in Lady Olivia’s household was tricked into believing that Lady Olivia is in love with him. As a result, Malvolio was locked in a small, dark room because Lady Olivia thought he had gone mad. Malvolio received a letter, which he thought was from Olivia but really it was from Maria, Olivia’s Lady in waiting. The letter’s message was that if Malvolio wore yellow cross-gartered stockings, smiled a lot and was rude to the servants and Sir Toby, Olivia’s uncle, Olivia would notice him more. Malvolio’s logic led him to believe that this ridiculous suggestion is actually true. The handwriting and the initials M.O.I.A also led him into this confusion. “Malvolio is very rude and bitter, so I thought this would be a good way to teach him a lesson,” said Maria, the mastermind of this device.…show more content…
“I had no clue what was going on. I saw Malvolio in this hideous outfit and smiling and I knew he had gone mad.”said Olivia. This made things worse rather than solve them. Malvolio escaped by Feste’s help as Feste disguised as Sir Topas the curate, bought the mad Malvolio paper, ink and light. Feste was given robes of a clergyman and was told to talk to Malvolio by Maria. “I did not trust Malvolio when he told me he was not mad but when I saw him write the letter, I started to see that he was not actually mad,” said Feste. The letter was then given to Lady Olivia, and so she decided to hear Malvolio out. Once, Malvolio was out of the darkness, he told Olivia what had happened to him and why he was acting this way. Olivia was then very disappointed with Maria and Sir Toby and apologized to Malvolio. Malvolio did not take this so well as he swore to seek revenge on Olivia, Maria and Sir Toby. “I will seek my revenge no matter what happens,” said angry
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