Mama Bear Case Analysis

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Case Analysis: Mama Bear

Viewpoint: Mylene, Antonette, Mary Rose and Alalyn

Time Context:

I. Problem Statement What is the best thing to do in their current business situation?

II. Objective To determine whether they should expand, sell or maintain their business as it is

III. Areas of Consideration

Strengths: 1. Continuous growth of operations 2. Growing number of potential customers 3. They have a lot of institutional partners which are big and stable 4. They have a tie-up with the most reputable and well-known companies in the Philippines 5. Each of the partners are hardworking and frugal and has a positive attitude 6. Has referrals from satisfied clients by word of mouth 7.
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Relieve the partners from stress, worries and tension with regards to the uncertainties and risks inherent in their business. Also saves them the effort required in managing their business 2. Each of them will enjoy more time for relaxation since their involvement in their business is taking much of their time

Disadvantages: 1. Losing opportunity to earn higher profit 2. Significant reduction of income on each of the partners 3. Losing the opportunity to grow and the possibility of operating on a larger scale 4. Numerous paperworks involved and things to accomplished and finish as a result of selling out their business 5. High cost associated with the consequences of selling their business- liquidation cost, distribution cost to partners and settlement of accountabilities with various suppliers 6. Losing opportunity of each partners to grow and exploit their own potential

Alternative Course of Action 3: Maintain a status quo on their current business situation
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