Maman In The Stranger, By Albert Camus

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In the story The Stranger by Albert Camus, Meursault the protagonist is questioned in court whether he had a good relationship with his Maman. Personally, I think Meursault had an okay relationship with his mother. To start, their relationship was good enough for them to live together. If it was really bad I doubt Maman and Meursault would live together. The reason why I think it was not impeccable is when the caretaker was questioned with, “[Did] Maman ever complain about [Meursault]” (89) and the caretaker responded with, “yes but that some of it was just a way the residents all had complaining about their relatives” (89). Even the caretaker himself says it was normal for Maman to make remarks because most people did. On another note, Meursault
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