Mammalian Vs Rat

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Through virtual and actual dissection, a lot was learned about amphibian, the frog, and mammalian, the rat. It was noted that the frog and rat had similarities and differences in the external and internal structure. It was then inferred, by the observations made, that the amphibian and mammalian have some similar and different evolutionary descent and habitat. And lastly, through the dissections and research, the organism's population trends and ecological issues was learned. The dissection proved a lot of information about the two types of organisms. It was noted that the frog and the rat had many different external structures. The amphibian had a nicotine membrane over its eye to protect the eyeball while under water. The amphibian also had a tympanic membrane, while the frog had ears. The skin of the organisms was observed: the frog had a smooth, slimy skin for swimming, while the rat had fur to keep it warm. The muscular system of the both seemed…show more content…
The population of the frogs tend to remain the same or decrease a little, while the rats either stay the same or increase. Both of the species suffer from humans building and polluting. The frogs are getting pushed out as ponds are drained for housing, toxins are flowing into the pond from factories, and even soda cans and plastic killing them. Rats also suffer from fields being turned into housing and pollution. They both also suffer from their own natural predators. The virtual and actual dissections were education. The amphibians and mammalians were compared and contrasted on internal and external anatomy, evolutionary descent, and population trends and ecological issues. A lot was learned going through the packets and performing the dissections. The inference was made that the frog and rat have a common ancestor, but the frog stuck to that water and the rat went to
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