Man And Its Surrounding Have Been In A Relationship With

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Man and its surrounding have been in a relationship with each other since time immemorial. Man has always been dependent on the environment around it for its survival and other domestic purposes. He has been devouring natural resources from the environment like a parasite, giving back nothing in return with the exception to the generated waste. Population explosion & higher consumption has directed the escalation in the utilization of the natural resources, thereby making the balance between Man and the Environment lop sided. This has been proliferating over years and has resulted in the initiation of an incognito grave for the mankind. Irrational and overuse of resources has generated tons of waste products, which are wrenching …show more content…

They assemble & metamorphose to become pollutants causing pollution. Pollution being the most effective terminator for our environment, which effectively does its homework in four different modes viz. Air, water, soil/land and sound. Air pollution which is pretty prominent & has various incarnations. It’s arsenal include oxides of carbon, nitrogen, sulphur, particulates , Volatile organic compound, particulates etc. The emissions from the chimneys, exhausts & vehicles all contribute in tainting the air, the ballistic use of the aerosol cans, refrigerators, air conditioners has flooded the atmosphere with the CFSs which phagocytize the ozone layer, thereby making organisms more prone to the harmful UV radiations from the sun. The perpetuations of the release of oxides of Carbon especially Carbon dioxide has resulted in green house effect which has caused Global warming thereby increasing the average temperature of the earth. These can have severe repercussions which include threats to submerge small islands, drastically increasing the fraction of water; it could also strangle the living conditions for the polar bears, penguins and other Antarctic region animals. While the oxides of sulfur and nitrogen help in reducing the pH of water vapor in the atmosphere making it acidic resulting in acid rain. Smoke emitted combines with fog to form the venomous smog. All these are nocuous to the mankind. They have a significant risk factor for multiple health conditions

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