Man And Superman Play Analysis

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Thirteenth Company’s production of Man and Superman was very enlightening. Don Juan speaks of hell being leisurely, and of it having no challenge. Don Juan would much rather be in heaven, so he can steer his life over the curves that is a challenging afterlife. Hell, is boring, and kind of perfect. The Statue has a different philosophy on heaven. The Statue wants to be in hell, because his craving to have a leisure after-life style. He wants everything to come to him with the snap of his fingers. During the pre-show, I was in a trance watching Levarious. In the play, Don Juan sits in the middle of nothingness at some point. I like Ivy’s interpretation of the ‘nothingness.’ Lava squats over an invisible chair as the lights are strobing all around him; he falls onto the ground, then stands up and does the motions repeatedly like a broken record. It was very predictable that there was going to be strobe lights in this performance. It’s just something that the Seniors have gotten into the rhythm of over-doing. In my opinion, the red, blue, and green colors didn’t…show more content…
As the devil, she was very intimidating, but in a great way. Her intimidation was vibrant and inviting, so was her energy. Her energy level was off the charts. She gave something for the actors to vibe off of. Serena’s strut reeked of confidence. Some constructive criticism that I have for her is that she was speaking too fast, really rushing over her lines whenever she had a long monologue. Usually when an actor has a long monologue, they subconsciously speed up their lines to get it over with, because they think that the audience doesn’t get bored. In all actuality, you shouldn’t do that because the sole reason of the audience being there is to witness the work of art, so you don’t need to speed up. Another reason you shouldn’t rush is because when you rush, you can miss a lot of discovery moments, and sometimes beat
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