Man Forgiving The Burglary

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Man Forgives the Burglar who injured him during Burglary Paul Kohler, a lecturer, was injured in a burglary at his home in 2014 in Wimbledon, London. The four Polish burglars left Kohler horrifying wounds which included a fractured eye socket as well. Other injuries included fractured jaw and multiple bruises which made his face swell so much that he was ‘utterly unrecognizable’. Kohler, father of four, was 55 then. Now, 56, he met up with one of his attackers and shook hands forgiving him completely. Kohler claimed that he has put the past behind him and now is only interested in the reason why he was targeted. Life plays quite some game with everyone. The first time the two met, Paul was looking at Mariusz Tomaszewski for mercy as he threatened
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