Man Has Brought The Application Of Property Law Essay

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Extending further than the span of written history, man has brought the application of property law to his fellow man for some form of economical or social gain. In the period predating the mid 18th century, most people had a natural acceptance of the racial nature of using black people as slaves. To inhabitants of Europe, as well as settlers in the New World, the mere notion of being black was immediately allied with droves of negative associations, “it connotated heathenism, paganism, and connections with the Devil”. By 1750, slavery was widely accepted, and at that point in time, abolition was not something anyone was largely concerned with. Europeans thought of the enslavement of Africans as necessary as they began to colonize the New World, and required labourers to successfully do so. Resultantly, European nations, not unlike Great Britain, began to approach African kings and chiefs with the aim of purchasing African men and women. The future slaves were marched to the coastal regions of Africa and sold to then be transported via ships to their new place of residence. The mid 18th century represented a turning point for some morally inclined people, and slowly the negative connotations of another race turned to feelings of empathy for the people who had suffered such cruelty and injustice. The period from 1805 to 1807 saw the end of British involvement in the slave trade, this action arose from the Enlightenment ideals of the 18th century, the work of religious
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