Man Has No Nature By Jose Ortega

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In “Man Has No Nature,” Jose Ortega argues that man must earn his life metaphysically. Ortega’s strongest argument towards this belief can be seen as the process that one must go through to earn their life. Ortega has the ability to, through only four pages of writing, describe man’s nature and how that seems to effect his choices. In this paper, I will make evident all of Ortega’s evidence that, man must determine what he is and then make him that belief in order to earn his life metaphysically. Ortega begins the article by explaining differences between man and stone. “The stone is given its existence; it need not fight for being what it is – a stone in the field. Man has to be himself in spite of unfavorable circumstances; that means he has to make his own existence at every single moment. He is given the abstract possibility of existing, but not the reality,” (Ortega 267) this is a strong claim to state but it is evident that man’s being and nature are not completely the same, “because man’s being and nature’s being do not fully coincide,” (Ortega 267). Man is not a rock; he is not given existence and cannot depend on the nature around him to define his existence. It is necessary for man to create his own existence at every moment, because without this created existence, although he is physically standing there, there is a real debate on whether or not he truly exists. This initial idea is broad, but with later thought it can be recognized that the stone was created and…
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