Man Is The Creature Of Circumstances

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[10/5/15, 9:57:47 PM] Emily: Owen believed “man is the creature of circumstances (p.116)”. In order to be a successful capitalist, one had to take care of his or her workers and provide them a good work environment. By creating little self-sufficient working communities, “Villages of Cooperation (p.116)”, providing basic needs such as education, clothing, and food, Owen believed his workers would become more productive, “advocat[ing] benevolence because it would pay dividends”. In addition, he wanted shortened working hours, and heightened pay, believing this too would lead to happy and more productive workers. Unfortunately, his philosophies were undermined by the growing “laissez-faire” ideology viewed by most capitalists at the time. He spent his whole career fighting for worker’s rights and encouraging workers to unionize, despite his frequent philosophic failures.
[10/5/15, 9:58:02 PM] Emily: Saint-Simon believed in a meritocracy, that instead of being born into the highest class and merely inheriting wealth, one should be judged based on how much he or she contributes to society, how much he or she works. He therefore suggests that the (then) present functionality of the distribution of wealth is upside-down, “it is the workers of all ranks and hierarchies who merit the highest rewards of society” and not the people he refers to as “idlers”. He argues that “government should be economic”, that it should praise hard-work instead of aristocracy and the people who gain…
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