Man Kills Two Essay

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After stopping at The Pancake House, we got back on the road and started for home. It was Derek and Jordan in the back seat and John and I in the front. We were in the black truck, the color of midnight. After a few minutes of driving, Jordan and Derek fell asleep. This meant that only John and I were awake.
Soon after driving a couple miles, we came upon this grey spray-painted van. It looked like the Scooby Do van off of the children’s TV show. The guy in the van was going really slowly, for the surrounding area. After a few miles this guy started to swerve back and forth on the road side to side. The guy would ride the solid lines like it was nothing. The guy put you in the mind of someone that had no clue what they are doing; like
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A few seconds later he turns his turn signal off as a car approaches’ him to pass him he decides he will swerved near the car trying to pass him.
“That’s it, I’m calling the cops. Hand me my phone” said John. As I hand him his cell phone the guy hits his breaks. When the 911 lady answered John’s call she forwarded him to the cop that was supposed to be in the area. After talking to the cop and explaining what all was going on John hung up the phone and continued to drive down the road. By now it was getting dark and a little scarier to be following a creepy van like we were.
After the call to the cops the man decided to get under a little control or so we thought… Next thing we knew, the guy in front of us puts on his breaks and goes to 30 mph. Then, we see a gun! The guy in the van pulled out a pistol and held it out the window. The gun looked 20 feet long; I have never been so scared in my life. The guy didn’t shot or anything but he did move into the passing lane like he was going to pass someone but, there was nobody in front of him. All of a sudden the guy left of some rounds. Bang, Bang, Bang went the gun. Everyone in the truck jumped. I swear I jumped 20 feet in the air not knowing what to do next. I can’t die; we can’t die, not tonight. That all I could think of.
“I am not passing this guy or going anything” John stammered “I’m going to stay put, if I pass him then we will be dead and that’s a fact” As soon as
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