Man O War Book Report

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A legend, a father and grand-dad, Man o’War; war just might break out. Author of this book, Laura Hillenbrand, is not, putting pieces together for a board game, when describing this: Man o’War; Hillenbrand, is introducing a colt who, comes-to-be grandsire to Seabiscuit. When She mentioned a board game, Hillenbrand was referring to the owner of Man o’War, his name: Riddle, Samuel Riddle in all. A wealthy man, who avoided war at all cost; Riddle, has always turned down races and eventually puts, the cavalry-tank out of commission; Man o ‘War. This beauty and beast has won twenty of his twenty-one races. Man o ‘War. Riddle, had Man o’ War, to mingle with a filly, to produce another war instrument: War Admiral, so fast, even for strategies, Laura,…show more content…
A civil war scenario, by nephew against uncle, was still in standstill, Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt, Jr, assisted Howard, in persuading Riddle to accept Howards challenge, and duel in a match race against Seabiscuit. No answer yet; meanwhile, Smith, from a distanced take out his bi-noes, and sees a weak-spot, that of Man o’Wars, Smith walks out confidently, with a smile, knowing he found a way Seabiscuit could beat war. Howard again, hoping biscuit could race Man o’War, enters biscuit into another race. Man o’ War ended up a no show, and Seabiscuit, raced again in the mud, which he ended losing by, yet another nose; lost to a mare her name is Esposa. November came around, and in that sometimes in the year 1937, Bing Crosby and Howards son, Lin, allied up and formed Binglin Stock Farm. Howard and Smith will than see a day, where they buy a horse named Kayak II, right after loading their new horse, they hit the rails, and over the rivers and through the darn mountains, which is covered full of snow, Howards becomes concerned for Seabiscuit which than
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