Man On The Bus

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This story is a dialog of a girl who is painting a picture between deeply imbedded conflicts of societal pressures and self-conscious emotions. In the story she does not speak out loud, but instead it is a first person point of view that leads us into her thought process. It takes place in San Francisco on the public transit. On the bus a man is catcalling at woman, she sits back and listens to him in disgust because of her feminist thoughts, but on the other hand she deeply wants the attention those other girls are receiving. She is motivated by her self-conscious desires and emotions but is limited by her feminist thoughts.
As the protagonist, her character represents and speaks for majority of the female community. Although the antagonist would seem to be the man on the bus, it is actually society. The antagonist is society because that is what creates the conflict. Throughout a woman’s life, they are tought how to act and react in an
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The main idea and theme are shown throughout the story. They create inner-tension within the main character because, she is not sure which thoughts she should feel. Whether it is the desire to want attention from the man on the bus or if she should stick with her feminist roots. The meaning behind this story is to recreate a daily experience a woman of any age experiences. I believe the point of this story is to make this occurrence more of a reality to its readers, since she is talking about in issue from the perspective of a younger female it may receive more attention. The setting can also draw attention to the reading because it is happening in a public where others are able to observe his behavior. This is critical because it shows how others are accepting of it. Her description of the place helps the reader vision the experience. This story would be possible at other times and places because it already does happen
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