Man On Wire, By James Marsh

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Man on wire which was set in 1947 directed by James Marsh about a french high wire artist Philippe Petit who is fascinated by New Yorks trade Centre where he has strung a six metre tight rope between the twin tires and walked across it without any fear. The documentary is about Petit 's daring attempt, the aftermath and about his friends and the people who helped him achieve his life goals. Some consider it “the artistic crime of the century” The director has used many techniques to captivate audiences making us feel like we are apart of this incredible story. Techniques such as Interviews and archival footage.

One of the most widely used documentary techniques is interviews. Interviews reflect opinions from different viewpoints creating an almost 3 dimensional story. Its helps the audience feel more engaged as it is coming from a person 's point of view who was involved in the events making it feel more realistic. The audience can be assured that the story is not made up. Interviews give a sense of realism. Man on wire is a good example of the interview style being used to reflect feelings of the time Petit was on his way to making his dream come a reality. The emotions at some point were exaggerating maybe because he is a performer. But this made us as viewers feel apart of the film being able to sympathize with the characters and storyline. Marsh uses a technique where we see the subject talking on screen but we do not hear the interviewer talking or asking questions.…
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