Man Raised By Woman Is Not Just Like Any Other Child With Parents

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Man raised by woman should want for not just like any other child with parents, yet there is always an absent need in any child, whether it a father or a good father, a mother or a good mother, the security and warmth of a home or the drive through life that comes from lacking one. A shapely red haired woman in her thirties with a gorgeous face wearing a vibrant sundress shut the curtains of the ten year olds bedroom to shield him from mornings glare. He sat unfazed, tending to his laptop as she began to tidy. “We’re going to go get you new shoes today doodlebug, you can’t keep wearing those around.” His fixation was broken, causing the rise his head and tensing his face in protest. “Mom I don’t want to go, I hate the mall. I’m just…show more content…
The women working the facility all lived on the grounds, with most having done so for a decade, with their coworkers acting as the only family and community they knew. Every room led to a small patio overlooking the plaza, though on this day all the curtains were closed and balconies vacant save for the occasional john going outside for a cigarette. From his room, the little boy could hear the arrival of new customers enter the foyer, accompanied by the usual salacious pleasantry and giggling. Lacking the capacity to understand the full extent of what was conducted at his home, the number of unwelcomed guests were nothing more than an inconvenience that meant he was confined to his room, which was usually self-imposed but bothered him when it wasn’t voluntary. A knock at the door was followed by the prompt entry of a skeletal, tanned woman in her forties wearing a skirt and a sleeveless top with tacky bedazzlement. She sat alongside the boy, stroking at his head maternally while inspecting what on the laptop screen was so captivating. “Mi amor! What are you doing my baby boy? Are you still playing that same game?” “Yeah, just one second, I need to beat this guy.” “Baby, when are you going to go out and play, we’re worried about you. I don’t like how much time you’re spending on here.” “Mama, I just need to beat this guy, I don’t want to go out.” At having her concern disregarded by her child, she assumed a far

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