Man Searching For Meaning

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Existentialism is a philosophy about man existence. It became very common during World War II concentration camp in Germany. As the result of the inhuman cruelty that the prisoners had to far go, they began to question their existence as well as the existence of their own god..
The first half of the Man Searching For Meaning , Dr. Frankl spoke about his theory of logo-therapy during his experience in the concentration camp. He explains everything that he possessed was taken away from him. To the extent that his family were killed.even after being stripped of everything that he had he was tortured and suffered greatly for years by the nazi during the holocaust.
“Choice,” was Dr. Frankl most important idea in his novel Man Searching for Meaning. He believes that everything was taken away from them in the concentration camp except for one thing, “choice.” The novel states, “the last of the humans freedoms is to choose ones attitude in a way given set of circumstances to choose ones way. And there are always choices to make…,” even though Dr.Frankl believe that he has choices the consequences regarding the choices is the thing that stripped him from the freedom he so
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Frankl’s observation he came to the idea that he must change his attitude, that is for the reason he states “pain is inevitable suffering is optional.” He concludes that he has to accept the suffering in order to improve their attitude and to find his essence or his meaning. That is why he states, “…man should not ask what the meaning of his life is, but rather he must recognize that it is he who is asked.” This indicates that a man should search for his meaning instead of asking. From an atheist point of view, there is no greater being that one can look upon to question when he doesn’t know his essence, but instead he must know that his actions determines his essence. He must also know that there are actions and risk that he must take in order to achieve to his desired
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