Man Trumps all Others

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Predating any modern scientific discovery is the notion that man as a species, trumps all others in every sense, giving rise to expansive civilizations and an apparent dominion over the natural. It is not exclusively anthropocentric, as specific races have been repeatedly castigated as a result of a narcissistic understanding of the self. This self-entitled presumption has led to much of the behavior that continues to disregard the organic and even fellow humans. In her revealing work Becoming Undone: Darwinian Reflections on Life, Politics, and Art, Elizabeth Grosz exposes the origins of this prevalent sentiment and uncovers those guilty of propagating this view. It is imperative to identify how and why man sees himself above all others so that we can more effectively construct a non-biased approach to understanding our place in the natural order. Grosz undertakes this task, and in the meantime indicates that a blurring of the line in the sand between races of humans, animals, and what has been considered non-human life, has already occurred through an explosion of Darwinian thought. Finally, it can be determined that the implications this new outlook holds over our ever shifting ethical standards are vast, leading us to a newfound appreciation of our humble beginnings. What has been considered a watershed moment in a variety of fields, the publication of Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species as well as his lesser known yet equally important The Descent of Man,
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