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Manchester United lost the Premier League title on the last day of the season, but they still lay claim to another title, though: The world’s most valuable sports team. Forbes estimates Manchester United (Man Utd) is now worth $2.23 billion, 19% more than No. 2 Real Madrid, which is worth $1.88 billion. *What are the main sources of equity for the Man Utd? Brand equity is the most important asset of organization. Why a number of world-wide fans are fanatical about Man Uted? It is hard to choose the one thing, but I’d like to tell that Man Utd’s main source of brand equity is ‘Good Perceived Quality.’ Perceived quality drives financial performance, often a major strategic thrust of products, and linked to and often drives other…show more content…
They will give customers strength, magic and beauty to wonderful sport- Manchester United.  Man Utd give priority to person who has season ticket when they sale ticket. ***What does Man Utd’s brand identity (prism) look like? 1. Physical  high league position  good performance  famous, Manchester United grew as a global brand because of the legendary players which played for the club were popular sportsmen and were crowd favorites names like Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney etc. are brands themselves. All players from different countries playing as a united force gives presents the club as a strong unified team. Thus, their presence in the club made the brand positioning of Manchester United as an elegant, energetic, lethal and strong football club. 2. Personality  Historical  experienced Manchester United was like any other football team but it rose from the darkness to become a global power brand after the Munich air tragedy where most of the champion team players died. The team was rebuilt from a scratch and due to its strong foundation and great players, it emerged a winner. Also, since Ferguson’s takeover, ManUtd has had much success on the field, becoming the most respected club in England and maybe even the world. 3. Relationship  With business customers: expensive,
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