Man With A Plan Essay

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The movie Man with a Plan is a satirical film about the campaign of one Vermont man in his quest to become a member of Congress. The movie takes aim at the political process and Congress; the man, Fred Tuttle, does not have any experience with government work, nor does he have a proper education or a plan for what he will do if elected. He makes it clear that he is not motivated by his desire to impact change on Vermont or create policy, but is actually motivated by the money and the fact that he does not need qualifications. Man with a Plan illustrates the absurdity of modern politics and paints a picture of current Congressmen, making it relevant to the political process of today.
The movie Man with a Plan follows the campaign Fred Tuttle, who is running for Congress in the state of Vermont. His father needs a hip operation, and his farm is failing, so he decides that a seat in Congress is the best job he could have. Tuttle reasons that he does not need skills or education in order to hold the position, as other jobs would. This is clearly a dig at the current political system, as the movie states that a Congress person does not need education or wisdom in order to be a part of Congress. Furthermore, Tuttle runs off the “Regressive Party”, a reference to the Progressive
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Fred Tuttle ran for a position in Congress due to the fact that he needed money and a job that did not require any skills. He wins over a more experienced and qualified candidate due to his charm rather than his knowledge or policies. This is relevant to the United States today, as unqualified candidates are often elected due to charm, money, or power, and they are unequipped to hold positions in government. The movie illustrates the absurdity that modern politics often display and the lack of seriousness in modern day
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