Man of La Mancha

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People choose to live their lives their own way and some of these people end up unhappy, and feel that their life is not worth living. The choice a person makes on how they want to live their life, ultimately determines their future. A person should choose to live in an illusion which leads to hope, rather then reality which leads them to despair. The musical play "Man of La Mancha", written by Dale Wasserman, is a perfect example of this because in the play, there are characters who live in illusion and characters who live in reality. Illusion leads a person to hope, and hope gives a person something to live for. One persons hope can inspire another to change and to believe. Reality can lead a person to despair, which can lead that…show more content…
When Don Quixote was dieing and in his bed, he was depressed until he thought he was a knight again. Aldonza told him he was not well and he said "Not well? What is sickness to the body of a knight-errant? What matter wounds? For each time he falls he shall rise again-and woe to the wicked!" (Man of La Mancha pg 79). He was happy and had the illusion that he was okay. He was sick minutes earlier and could not even get out of bed. After Aldonza brought Don Quixote back, he jumped out of bed and felt invincible. He was not worried about dieing anymore. He was Don Quixote de La Mancha. Sancho and Aldonza were glad to see Don Quixote back to normal.

Some people say that seeing the illusion gives false hope; but false hope is better then no hope at all. These characters went through some remarkable changes in the way they lived their lives. These changes ultimately gave them the life that they have always wanted: a happy life without having to worry about the little things that lead to despair. Cervantes talks about how his comrades died asking why they had lived at all. They should have asked "Why haven't I change my life around? Why do I see things as they are instead of how I want to see them?" These are questions the characters in Cervantes' play asked themselves and they taught him one thing: that it is never too late to change the way a person lives their
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