`` Man 's Search For Meaning `` By Viktor Frankl

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In this book called “Man’s search for meaning”, Viktor Frankl says in his book that there are a possible of three sources for what is the basis for the meaning of life. These three key points are generalized for what is being done in every human life, and what is seen as for every human being as a fulfillment of their lives. These key points are also what I try to think of myself in how I could differ from what he points out in what goes on in every human life. Thus, as I tried, most of what I do in my life is deriving off of the key points. Why is that? Am I like some pre-programmed person that searches for something in life like everyone with a common goal to achieve better than what they have going them right now? These key points do make anyone question them in what they’re doing in life is something that would truly fulfill their lives. There are some factors that do derivate from his points, but the only thing I can think of is being detained in solitary confinement. Sure that involve doing something bad at first, but what if you were detained all your life? I can say that these points that do make for a meaningful life, but is it all necessarily true?

His first point exclaims that to find meaning in life is to do work or to be doing something significant. I can definitely see how this really plays a part in someone’s life, for everyone is doing something in his or her lives. Most people have dreams to one day have a job in doing what they love to do. Examples of
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