Man 's Search For Meaning By Viktor E Frankl

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Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E Frankl Man as little more than a machine subject to his environment is a popular picture painted by many psychologists of today. Viktor E Frankl sets out to contend against that idea in his book Man’s Search for Meaning. He contends that life is not a quest for pleasure or power, but for meaning. Frankl was a prisoner in the Auschwitz and Dachau concentration camps during the holocaust. During this time, many of his family members, including his parents and his wife, suffered death in similar camps. Frankl himself suffered extreme conditions of cold, starvation, malnutrition, and slavery. He was also a psychoanalyst of sorts, and through all of his suffering, he makes incredible observations about the world that became his. In Man’s Search for Meaning, Frankl chooses primarily two areas to focus on—His experience and observations in the Nazi concentration camps, and his own philosophy of psychology, which he calls Logotherapy. He also delves into what he calls “tragic optimism”, or to put meaning into suffering, as opposed to seeking hope for deliverance from suffering. Frankl’s purpose behind writing this book can potentially be taken from what he himself said the meaning of his own life is—“to help others find the meaning of theirs.” (pg 165) Because he wholeheartedly believed in the words “He who has a Why to live for can bear almost any How.” (Nietzsche, pg ix) Frankl was very interested in the motivations and goals people have, and…
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