Man versus Machine

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Many changes occurred in Britain that helped it as a country while other things brought the people within Britain down. Factories and other labor works were introduced to the people in Britain. Many argue that this change impacted the economy and social life of those individuals living in Europe. Many individuals wrote on behalf of the change, some going for it and others going against it. One major controversy was between Dr. Andrew and Friederich Engels who wrote against each other depending on their opinion. In my opinion I believe there are more advantages than disadvantages that came out of the Industrial Revolution. To begin, many factories open up for business and gave the opportunity to many workers, including children. Some factories that opened their doors to the poor to work where cotton factories, and factories that managed iron and coal. The usage of machines made the labor work easier, since it was a mixture of machinery and hands on jobs. Also the products produced by these factories brought in a large amount of investments for the owners. That was the main goal of the Industrial Revolution, to make more money, and in order to do that they needed to produce more. Many believed that the Industrial Revolution was the best thing that happened to Europe. For example, Dr. Andrew Ure. He had a positive mindset towards industrialization. The usage of machines made it easier…
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