Man-vs-Machine: Who Wll Win the War? Essay

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Man-vs-machine: who will win the war? Man vs Machine has been a debatable topic for centuries. So, when did it all start? One started to question the expansion of technological development after the Industrial Revolution in England. The great revolution of machines started with the "Watt Steam Engine" which clearly revolutionized transportation and factory production. Machines continue to experience development and media appraise till our current day. Where does the Man fit in? The inventor of those machines and the one responsible for the machines' development is currently living an inevitable fear of "artificial intelligence." Many influential people such as the futurist "Ray Kurzweil" argue that machines may be more productive and more…show more content…
The supporters believe that the benefits and the positive impact of machines outweigh the negative impact on mankind. Machine supporters believe that if singularity, the "hypothetical moment in time when artificial intelligence will have progressed to the point of a greater-than-human intelligence" occurs, humans will not be obligated to comply with machines and accept to be overpowered. Instead, supporters believe that by that time, mankind would have evolved in ways to insure human's survival in a world with highly intelligent machines. Many supporters believe that humans could merge themselves with machines. That is, get a cybernetic, robotic part implanted within their bodies to enhance their powers. Therefore, allowing them to keep up with powerful machinery. The idea of merging with machines might seem insane; however, it has been done already. The first cyborg was invented around a hundred years ago. For instance, in 1958, Arne Larsson, was the first person to receive a cybernetic implant. Arne was given an implanted pacemaker, which kept him alive and mobile until he died in his 80s. This was achieved with the primitive knowledge mankind had back in 1958. Therefore, if humans continue to enhance and develop technologies, the next decade would surely witness even more magnificent implant inventions. A debatable topic always has its supporters and its sceptics. Just as much as there are supporters of machines there are humans who oppose and even

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