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Entrepreneur Interview Report Instructions and Grade Sheet Entrepreneurship Individual Assignment Worth Up to 75 Points Purpose This assignment is modeled after the nationwide “Take an Entrepreneur to Lunch” competition sponsored by the Acton Foundation ( You will learn information that is not in any textbook, and add an important person to your personal network. Overview This is an individual assignment. If you do this assignment you do not have to complete the Networking Assignment and Report. If you choose this individual assignment, you will identify an entrepreneur who has qualities you admire and want to learn from, make an appointment with him or her for at least 30 minutes, conduct an interview, and then write…show more content…
Remember to thank the entrepreneur again. After the Interview Send a handwritten thank you note the same day as the interview, or the next day at the very latest. If you promised to do something for the entrepreneur, do it immediately. If you do not live up to your promises, all your effort will be wasted as you will have ruined your reputation. This is extremely important! Write your report. Follow these instructions and outline closely! Introduction Identify your entrepreneur, the name of the business, and the location of the business. Include the date and time that you met with the entrepreneur. How long did you have to wait to meet with the entrepreneur after you called to request the appointment? If you interviewed the entrepreneur with another student, identify that student here. Were you prepared – why or why not? Did you arrive on time as planned – why or why not? Interview Results Address each of these six topics in this section of your report. Use these six headings: The Venture. (What is the main product/service provided by the business, when was the business started, how many employees do they currently have, what is their “ballpark” revenue, what is the company’s mission?) Struggles and Challenges. (Challenges and struggles the entrepreneur faced on the way to success, and how did he or she overcome them?) Learning on the Journey. (What has the entrepreneur learned about business and/or life while on his or her
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