Manage Care and How It Has Affected and Changed Health Care Essay

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Manage Care and How It Has Affected and Changed Health Care Manage Care and how it has affected and changed Health Care “Managed care embodies an effort by employers, the insurance industry, and some elements of the medical profession to establish priorities and decide who gets what from the health care system.” (JAMA.2001; pg. 285:2622-2628). Manage Care is part of the Health Care system since 1973 is known as the system that finances and delivers health care to individuals enrolled under their plans. Manage care is intended to reduce the unnecessary health care cost in America through a variety of mechanism that includes medical necessity review programs, economic incentives for physicians, beneficiary cost sharing, control of…show more content…
The restrictions on health care services and reimbursements that are intended to reduce health care cost by discouraging individuals from using care inappropriately. The discouragements of inappropriate care have done nothing else but affect the quality of care that patients receive and their health. It is amazing when people’s freedom of choices in the physician and health plans they want becomes limited to them it can ultimately reduce their health. (JAMA.2001; pg. 285:2622-2628) How has this event impacted the historical evolution of healthcare? Prior to the year 1760 and now I can say that health care has evolved in the United States. My prior knowledge of health care is that it was a system of home care remedies with doctors with little training to our now complex technology and bureaucratic system. With the birth of medical insurance, technological advancement, and the professional utilization of doctors, it would be very ignorant not to say that health care has evolved from what it was to what it is now. Manage care has definitely become part of that evolution and has impacted it as well with allowing the healthcare system to becomes nothing much than a growing cooperation whose business is making a profit from healthcare, and not providing the quality, reasonable cost, and necessary medical care when
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