Manage Market Research Essay

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Table of Contents Assessment objective: 2 Written organizational guidelines for conducting research 2 Summary note 3 Resources 3 Consultants 4 BSBMKG607B Manage market research Assessment task 1 Develop market research plan Assessment objective: Establish guidelines for researching and gathering information and work with the staff to gather and evaluate the data. Written organizational guidelines for conducting research OHS: Compliance with legislation. Ensure safety of customers, contractors and staff at all the times. The enjoyment of these standards at the highest levels is a basic human right that should be accessible by each and every worker. Regardless of the nature of their work, workers should be able to…show more content…
* Lombard consulting: 78 Queen street, Brisbane QLD, who are local specialist market research firm based in Brisbane specializing in home accessory products and markets. * Holt & Burrows: 58 Lonsdale street, Melbourne Vic, a national marketing firm based in Melbourne who consult all issues relating to branding and marketing for all industries. They specialize in fashion, cosmetics and consumables. Resource acquisition form Project no. | Scheduler’s name | Date prepared | Cost | Resource | Supplier no. | Quantity | Specification | Date required | Date ordered | | Australian bureau of Statistics | 001 | 1 file | Homeware industry stastics | 1/03/2016 | 1/02/2016

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