Essay on Manage Operational Plan

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Manage Operational Plan Assessment Activity 1 Describe the purpose of the operational plan and describe its relationship to the strategic plan. An operational plan is an organisational planning document derived from the strategic plan. The strategic plan provides a high-level outline of the organisation’s mission, general direction and broad goals and the operational plan is a detailed document that outlines how the organisation’s strategic goals will be achieved in practice. The operational plan outlines what actions teams or individuals within the organisation will take to achieve its objectives and outlines any major projects identified for the relevant time period. The operational plan identifies risks and incorporates…show more content…
Assessment Activity 4 Explain the role of an impact assessment in contingency planning and outline the steps within it. Developing a contingency plan is risk management in action. A key step in risk management is performing an impact assessment. The goal of an impact assessment is to clarify the type, likelihood and extent of the risks posed to a project or action. By performing an impact assessment, you clarify what ‘might’ happen – this enables you to pinpoint what needs to go into the contingency plan. An impact assessment consists of the following stages: • Define the risks posed to the projects/actions outlined in the operational plan – what might happen? • Define the scope of each risk posed – how bad would it be for the project and the organisation if the particular risk eventuated? • Define the likelihood that each risk will eventuate – what is the potential for each of the risks to happen? • Use a matrix scoring system to rank the seriousness of each risk – given the combination of severity and likelihood, which risks pose the greatest threat? • Formulate your response. Assessment Activity 5 Proposals for resource requirements may outline alternatives to the project under consideration. Why? Detailed costing and statements of resources need to be developed as part of the project proposal outlining: • the justification of the activity in context • reference to
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