Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development

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Student Name: Malik Daniyal Student id: STD02067 Project title: Manage personal work priorities and professional development Introduction:- In this project I m going to describe all about my future and recent planning and my goals and objectives. In which comes my dream , my futures goal , what I have to do for achieving my goal , how I can be successful and how I can fulfilled my and my family future dream. And what steps I have to take and which steps are not good for my future and how I should move step by step toward my destination. Where I am now and for achieving my goal what qualities I have and what I have to get and have to achieve. A Reflection Paper is a formal written presentation of a critical reflection…show more content…
Q: How would I ensure that I meet my job responsibilities? While working I will get a lot of responsibilities and I will do my best and will do my work honestly and my main and common responsibility is to work hard and satisfy clients and customers and cooperative with all team members and others staff. Q: What is my personal learning style and how would I ensure that I took advantage of learning opportunities? Learning style is the way in which a person processes new information. Knowing my learning style can help me to make choices in the way you focus on and study new material. Below are fifteen statements that will help you assess your learning style. After reading each statement, rate you response to the statement using the scale below. Some types of learning skill mostly every one fallow/use given below:- Types of Learning Styles Types of Learning Styles: The Three Main Types There are three main types of learning styles: auditory, visual, and
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