Essay on Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development

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Assessment tool 2 (AT2): Written/oral questions
Students should answer the following questions in writing. 1. Good Managers know which tasks contribute to their personal effectiveness and thus the organisations success. What role does planning play in ensuring they achieve them?
Planning allows management to identify the goals and milestones required to produce outcomes that align to the objectives of the organisation. It also allows for commitment to timeframes when identifying objectives and milestones, identifies those members of the team responsible for achieving specific tasks and it also assists with task prioritisation. 2. Does technology help or hinder us in managing work/life balance?
Technology enables us to create
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5. What feedback might you receive from an external supplier – in contrast to the feedback you might expect from a member of your workgroup? What will influence the quality and how will the feedback from these sources be related to an assessment of your skills gap?
Feedback from these sources can be used to assess performance and to indicate skills gaps or training requirements. Feedback from external clients or customers might indicate a need for customer service training. Feedback from your peers might indicate a need for conflict management, or negotiation training. Specific technological skills needs might be pinpointed. The quality is influenced by the way you engage with the person providing the feedback. You should accept that feedback is likely to be honest and not react defensively otherwise the person providing the feedback will become disinterested and the quality will deteriorate. Any shortcomings in skills will easily be identified when someone provides opinion on how you might have handled a situation or opportunity better. 6. Why is it important for you to take responsibility for your own work tasks and ensure that you are getting feedback to fulfil your role?
Taking ownership of work tasks allows an individual to become accountable for their activities in the workplace. It provides a person with an opportunity to conduct assessment of performance against a set of tasks for which the person has accepted responsibility. This makes
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