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HQCS: Manage Quality Customer Service Student Guide BSBCUS501A: Manage Quality Customer Service Elements of competence Plan to meet internal and external customer requirements Ensure delivery of quality products and/or services Monitor, adjust and review customer service 1 BSB51107 Diploma of Management _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Module description This module covers the skills and knowledge required to advise on and carry out customer service strategies and to evaluate those strategies on the basis of feedback and design for service improvement. Learning outcomes Students will, upon successful completion of this unit understand the needs of both…show more content…
Your Customer Service Plan should include: A vision and mission that refers to internal and external customers Product standards that include: o dimensions o tolerances o pricing o material o delivery Policies and procedures for: o identifying customer needs that conform to the RATER model o responding to customer complaints o obtaining customer feedback, including a feedback questionnaire o updating the plan that includes: – contingency changes due to unforseen events – routine reviews with no more than annual intervals. All policies and procedures should: Be clear and unambiguous Be realistic and achievable Contain prescriptive instructions for realistic scenarios Contain decision trees and / or flow diagrams. Your assessor will be looking for a plan that: Is clearly written in plain English Is easy to navigate Has correct spelling and grammar Contains sufficient evidence to meet the outcomes listed above Shows consistency in the use of: o fonts o bullets o headings Has any charts and tables produced. HMQCS Manage Quality Customer Service Student Guide v 2.0 August 2010 Page 4 BSB51107 Diploma of Management _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Assessment Task 2 Responding to Customer Complaints

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