Essay on Manage Quality Customer Service

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|What are the questions that all customers ask themselves |The questions that customers ask themselves (consciously or subconsciously) |
|(consciously or subconsciously) before they commit to a |are, Does this product meet my needs? Am I receiving a proper level of |
|purchase and how is the presented product/ service bundle |accompanying service? Am I happy with the overall product/service offering? |
|likely to affect a customer’s purchasing decision? |Does this meet my perception of value for money on the basis of product, |
| |service or bundle? |
| |When a customer enters a retail outlet they will expect to be able to purchase|
| |a product they require and receive and appropriate level of service to go with|
| |the purchase. Even if an organisation offers a specific product that customers|
| |wants, if customers don't receive an appropriate product/service bundle such |
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