Essay about Manage Recruitment and Induction Process

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This report is intended for the recruitment and selection processes of Healthcare united and the development of a new and improved recruitment and selection policy that Healthcare United can adopt in order to improve the recruitment and selection process of the company.

This report identifies and analyses the 2000 Healthcare United recruitment and selection guidelines against the current 2010 Healthcare United recruitment policy and relevant legislation. Identify and discuss key areas for each procedure that need revising because they are contrary to 2010 policy, out-dated compared to current research and practice and do not comply with the legislation. This report comprises the information regarding the analysis of
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In 2010 all the responsibility is shifted from HR to managers | Yes it is outdated as current research shows that all theresponsibilities of analyzing vacant position is done bymanagers. | Do not complywith the currentlegislation. | Position description | Position descriptiondevelopment is contrary to 2010 as in 2000 HR department was responsible for this task | Yes it is outdated as current research and practice shows that the development of position description should be done by managers. | Yes it does not comply with the current legislation | Advertisement | Yes it is contrary to2010 as in 2000 all positions were firstly advertised internally for a minimum of ten working days through a newsletter on intranet and noticeboards. | Yes it is outdated as current research says that the new vacant position should be advertised internally and externally together for tenworking days. | Yes it does notcomply with thecurrent legislation asthere is special exemption to internalrecruitment must be approved by the generalmanager | Shortlist | Yes it is contrary to2010 as in 2000 short listing was done by HR department
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