Managed Care And The Affordable Care Act

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Managed Care and the Affordable Care Act
As managed care continued to struggle with determining the balance between the rights of the patient with controlling the costs of care, the issue of the uninsured began to grow. The concept of some sort of governmentally funded universal health care for all began over a century ago, however, never successfully implemented. From a historical viewpoint, individuals obtained health insurance by purchasing their own policy, as a benefit of employment, or through governmentally funded programs that required certain eligibility criteria be met in order to be eligible. If a person did not qualify for one of these types of health insurance, they generally were left without health insurance coverage.
The lack of health insurance reached began to become a serious issue in the mid-1990’s reaching a crisis level in the 2000’s. Individuals without insurance turned to emergency rooms across the country to obtain care routine care, turning emergency departments into primary care facilities. In many instances, people who presented at emergency rooms for treatment could not be turned away due to various health and safety regulations; therefore, patients were seen without the ability to pay often leaving the hospitals with millions of dollars in uncollectable debt, subsequently leading to the insolvency of hundreds of hospitals across the United States.
The government has made multiple attempts to create some form of nationalized health care,…

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