Managed Care

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Managed Care
Brooke McMichael
University of Scranton

This paper examines the benefits and issues with managed care. The benefits include patients receiving preventative care, lower premiums, lower costs of prescriptions, fewer, unnecessary procedures, and less paper work. Some issues with managed care include limitation on doctors that patients can choose from, restricted coverage, the possibility of under treatment, and compromised privacy. Managed care effects nursing by causing significantly few jobs for registered nurses, more opportunities in non-acute health care settings, and more use of advanced practice nursing.

Managed Care With the economy in shambles and the rising cost of health care, many people are turning to
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In a health maintenance organization, a contract is made between enrollees and a panel of providers. The enrollees use the method of capitation for payment, meaning they pay a predetermined fixed fee monthly for a period of one to three years regardless of how many times they use their medical service or of how much it costs each time (Chitty & Black, 2007). In a preferred provider organization the a contract is made between the client and a group of independent doctors that team with hospitals to provide cheaper health services for their patients (Chitty & Black, 2007). They are able to provide some of the lowest fees because they have such high volumes of patients to make up for the discounted price (Huntington, Glossary For Managed Care, 1997). There are also two other less common forms of managed care. Point-of-service organizations differ from the previous two forms because they allow their clients to choose a doctor outside of the network for a slightly higher copayment (Chitty & Black, 2007). The last type of managed care involves a hospital corporation teaming with a select group of medical staff. Their teams then negotiate with managed care organizations or self-insured employers to set fees for different services (Chitty & Black, 2007).
Managed Care for Everyone Managed care has become so popular because of its capabilities to deliver health care at

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