Essay on Managed Care

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Managed Care

To decide on whether or not an issue is considered ethical or moral we need the hard cold facts. Facts expose or explain what is to be decided upon—not what the outcome should be. Decisions regarding health care and mental health issues represent a major portion of ethical and moral choices. As individuals we are not always able to understand the justice, or fairness, behind the decisions supposedly based on hard cold facts.
Once upon a time being a therapist was considered a calling. The images of a counselor sitting back in their comfy cushioned chairs listening to hours and hours of patient's dilemmas, heartaches and mental health issues have been replaced with the hard cold facts that therapists today are
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Health is an issue which needs be left to the physician while dollars and cents can remain with the financial officer. Managed care theoretically may seem appealing, but most view managed care practices as emphasizing cost control over quality.
The ethical arguments of managed care are dependent on the goals of the physician and the provider. If the primary goal is always doing the best for the patient within the limits of available resources and less interest for the bottom line then subjecting patients to unnecessary risks is minimal. However, if the patient is regarded as a secondary issue the physician and providers are ethically wrong. "It is the position of the National Academies of Practice that is unethical to compromise a patient's needs and quality care concerns to satisfy financial objectives" (Pope, K. S. & Vasquez, M. J. T., (1998) pg. 322).
The APA Ethical Principals of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (Section 4.09c) states, "Prior to termination for whatever reason, except where precluded by the patient's or client's conduct, the psychologist discusses the patient's or client's views and needs, provides appropriate predetermination counseling, suggest alternative service providers as appropriate and takes other reasonable steps to facilitate transfer of responsibility to another provider if the patient or client need ones immediately" (American Psychological Association, 1992, pp. 1597-1611).

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