Managed Care Quality Analysis

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As individuals we all have our own perspective on what would amount to quality. With regards to the general public we are a nation of extreme diversity, with individuals and families from a wide-range of nations, cultures, personal beliefs and superstitions. Therefore, quality may and will have contrasting opinions, or values, an example could be as follows: Each of us having a fine meal at a restaurant may or would have contrasting opinion on the setting, service, and the overall quality of the food. The same would apply to health care, we would each have our own expectations on how we would define quality. Health insurance does not mean universal access to health care, high cost does not generally equate into a certain level of quality.…show more content…
Being a combat veteran, the VA system of health care and providers is myriad of contrasting differences in services, or veteran’s opinions depending on what part of the country you may reside.
An interesting perspective on the definition of quality which would be interconnected with any managed care plans was highlighted by Carolyn M. Clancy, Director Agency for Health Care Research and Quality, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in a subcommittee hearing to the U.S. Senate. The statement by Carolyn M. Clancy was presented on: March 18th, 2009 when discussing the topic of: What is Health Care Quality and Who Decides?
Carolyn M. Clancy testimony on quality:
• “There are three basic dimensions to this: structure, process, and outcome. Structure represents the basic characteristics of physicians, hospitals, other professionals, and other facilities” (Clancy, 2009).
• “Concern for process suggests that quality is determined not just by having the right people and facilities available, but also by having the right things get done in the right way” (Clancy, 2009).
• “The third dimension, outcome, reflects the end result of care” (Clancy,
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