Management 321

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MGT 321
System Build Project
For this project, you will design a system for the organization of your choosing. This could be for a current or former employer or some fictitious organization (Banks Against Blight LLC). The system you design might be data storage, telecommunications, e-commerce, accounting information, manufacturing process system, inventory management, or some other system approved by your instructor.
You will discover (or create, if you choose a fictional organization) and explain the main systems in place, discuss the integration, and explain how the data collected by these systems helps the organization make decisions and carry out the strategic plan.
This project must meet the written communication skills at a
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Reveals new approaches to thinking about the problem space 10. Helps automate the managerial processes.

Some disadvantages of data in DSS are: • Flaws or errors in the software or system • Modeling incompatability • Lack comprehension use • False complete reliance on technology that excludes the managerial process

o Explore different implementation processes The former method of creating spreadsheets with VLOOKUP and pivot tables would suffice except that it is an extremely time consuming process. A more streamlined process for gathering and reporting data was needed and a relational database was the most cost-efficient and practical solution. Microsoft Office suite was already licensed and thus no additional costs were involved.

o Define the process chosen The process chosen includes design of a Grass Cut Database using Microsoft Access. The process: 1) Based on existing spreadsheets, create a “features document” and ask for explanation on those items which may be unclear using MS Word’s comments feature 2) Develop a phase plan for execution 3) Test, test, and test 4) Finalize database o Explore security issues for this system: The main database file
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