Management Action Plan

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Prepared by: Yasser Al-Saidi
Date: January 23rd 2011


This Management Action Plan (MAP) provides short-term and long-term strategic plans for the improvements and operations of the YEFE. The Plan expands upon the specific short and long-term recommendations that were developed through the review and analysis of the current management system and were developed within the context of phased time frames for implementation. The establishment of different time frames is based upon the recognition that certain management and structural improvements can be achieved in a relative short period of time while others will require a longer developmental period to complete. Implementation time
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b. Work Ethics -- The degree to which the work ethics of operational staff has failed to meet stated goals and objectives and the relation of such ethics to the management of the foundation. c. Innovative Management -- The degree to which management has provided creative work options to meet the dynamic needs of the work force and the innovative identification of potential funding sources and alternate actions that accomplish identified goals within current funding resources. d. Program Planning -- The degree to which management has developed a cohesive, practical planning structure or proper planning mechanism that sets forth the missions, goals and objectives for the foundation.

In addition to this clear lack of operational visions, there also existed a lack of functional management direction. In other words, even where clear goals and objectives existed, management failed to convey such goals and objectives and further failed to ensure that staff undertook to meet the stated goals and objectives. This lack of effective management oversight has diminished the quality of service delivery to the public.

Within this context, there also existed a significant lack of innovative management. This may partially stem from the failure to communicate clear goals and objectives. With a lack of clearly defined work goals, it was difficult to produce
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