Management Advisory Services Review

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(Effective October 2006 Examination)

This subject tests the candidates’ knowledge of, and proficiency in the concepts, standards, techniques, and methodology applicable to management services / consultancy practice by CPAs; management accounting; financial management–related services; capital budgeting concepts and techniques; and project feasibility studies. Each examination will contain a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 70 multiple choice questions, allocated to the different subject areas, as indicated below.

1.0 Management Accounting-Related Services
1.1 Role,
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Concept of margin of safety, operating leverage and profit planning b. Responsibility accounting, transfer pricing, performance evaluation, and balanced scorecard 1. Goal congruence and motivation 2. Types of responsibility centers (revenue, cost, profit and investment); transfer pricing - rationale and need; alternative transfer pricing schemes and multinational transfer pricing 3. Advanced analysis and appraisal of performance: financial and nonfinancial performance measures 4. Performance measurement in multinational companies; distinguishing performance of managers from performance of organization units; executive performance measures and compensation; environmental and ethical responsibilities 5. Nature of the balanced scorecard; perspectives of the balanced scorecard; aligning the balanced scorecard to strategy; features of a good balanced scorecard; pitfalls when implementing a balanced scorecard 6. Evaluation of the success of strategy; strategic analysis of operating income c. Functional and activity-based budgeting 1. Definition of budget 2. Difference between planning and control 3. Functions of budgeting 4. The purposes of the budget 5. Advantages and limitations of budgets 6. Types of budgets 7. Budgeting terminologies defined 8. The management process of preparing the master budget

9. The budget period 10. Budget cycle of a manufacturing firm 11. Steps in developing a master budget 12. Comprehensive budget illustrated 13. Flexible budgeting 14.
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