Management Analysis, Contractors, Architects, And Management

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When spectators see amazing sky scrapers or maybe a beautiful building, the first thing that they might think about would probably be how that building makes them feel and why it makes them feel a certain way. They might stop and think to themselves “man I wonder how much money went into this building”. Rarely when do people think about the people that sat in a conference room, at an oval shaped table for hours trying to make things come together. These people are CEO’s, management analysis, contractors, architects, etc. These people are the little people behind those astonishing buildings. Management analysist are important because they are the ones that handle the business’s money, they handle any important documents, and hold important…show more content…
The minimum requirement to be a management analyst is a bachelor’s degree in any field but a business related field could be helpful when entering this field. After gaining a bachelor’s degree, others might choose to further their education by getting a master’s degree or getting certified as a management consultant. Having this extra education can change the job possibilities a candidate might encounter. “This program provides a frame-work for the development of a full and well-rounded mastery of analytic skills for the management (or program) analyst, and commitment to self-improvement” (Certificate of Accomplishment). For those that take a certified course in graduate school increase their knowledge and gain experience about being a management consultant. When taking a course, it informs you about the work place and it also teaches about management analysis more in detail. This information is important for any person interested in obtaining information about the business management field. Meeting the right requirements is the first step in becoming an awesome management consultant, the second step would be to acknowledge what some of the main job tasks are. Some job responsibilities a management analysis encounters on a daily basis would be to coordinate business events and prepare and legal/non-legal documents needed for upcoming company projects. “Plans, organizes, and coordinates various projects,
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