Management Analysis : Management Consultancy

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“Management Consulting involves providing professional knowledge and skills and specialist advice to management or the clients. It aims at improving organizational performance.” The service does this by first pinpointing the existing problems of an organization and then proposing solutions to said problems as well as helping with the execution of the solution to increase the performance of the organization. Today, with the uncertainty surrounding the global economy, the management consultancy sector could not be more important. “With a total value of $250 million, the global consulting sector is one of the largest and most mature markets within the professional services industry”. Due to the nature of the sector, it is clear that the development of the sector is highly dependent on the performance of the economy. The more disposable income that is available in the global economy, the more opportunities companies have to spend it on services such as consultancy. In periods of poor economic performances, companies have less income readily available and, depending on how much they value the services that consultants supply, there will be a natural decrease in the value of the market as companies save more money. In this essay, I will attempt to quantify the current condition of the global consultancy sector as well as project what it could look like in 2020.

As of the latest research provided by Gartner released in 2015, the 10 largest consultancy firms in the world are:…
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