Management And Globalization Of Business

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Management and Globalization
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Management has always played an important role in business. Managers are in place to guide employees, plan ahead for the business, and make important decisions financially and for the customers. In international business, however, management may take on a few more challenges and roles that are unique compared to the domestic market. This discussion will focus primarily on the impact of management in the globalization of business.
International trade has been around for all of human history but has expanded rapidly in the past three decades. Because of the different cultural beliefs and ways of life in countries doing business, culture shock can happen to managers traveling abroad. Countries vary in their views, including those involving the roles of women in the workforce and the roles of managers. This can affect how these countries do business including networking and negotiation. Not all managers are culturally educated and it can be easy for them to remain comfortable in their own cultural norms, but it is important for business for managers to engage in other cultures and become educated on them. (Fenton-O’Creevy, 2013).
Managers may also face ethical issues regarding doing international business. They may be faced with challenges on whether or not to do business with other companies that do not have ethical practices. They also must be mindful of safe working conditions for their employees and proper compensation.
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