Management And Management Of An Organization

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Managers are one of the key players in organizations that are involved in the development and management of an organization. Their key role is primarily important as a leader because they are the models of influence that most subordinates will look to any time there is a change, or if there is any fear involved that needs to be addressed in that transitional process. There are different roles and responsibilities that the manager has to address so that the staff of the organization can handle, plan, implement and evaluate during their development in change. One of the main concerns and key skills in health care in management is to be able to manage change and be an advocate of it. The skill for this is needed because managers are needed to undertake these tasks and be able to handle the complexity of the process. The process involves evaluating, planning, implementing operations, tactics and strategies and to make sure that the change that is being carried out is worthwhile and relevant. The effective management of change has a lot to do with a combination of things such as unfreezing old behaviors, introducing new ones and preparing for unpredictable outcomes so that they can be responded to effectively. Being able to adapt and revolve in change is one of the keys to success. This will also include responding to employees and their need to understand the process. It will also include addressing their concerns over layoffs and other unknown issues that lead to paranoia,
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