Management And Organisation Of A Global Environment

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HI6005: Management and Organisations In A Global Environment Trimester 2 / 2015 ASSIGNMENT 1 BY: ROHITH REDDY .D 1. SIX SIGMA : Six Sigma has evolved to become the most successful business improvement strategies and is attributed with reducing the number of defects in manufactured goods to less than 3.4 per 1 million units. Six Sigma uses two different sets of methodologies, DMAIC and DMADV, as lenses to examine and address complementary aspects of business processes. The DMAIC and the DMADV methodologies are aimed at viewing different sectors of a business simultaneously but addressing them separately. Despite unique distinctions, the methodologies overlap during the examination process and share the same end goal -…show more content…
SEC’s strategic objective is to create both qualitative and quantitative growth and deliver competitive value to all stakeholders, customers and partners while maintaining profitability. With its strategic objectives established, the foundation was ready for the Six Sigma process to begin in late 1999 and early 2000. Starting in 2000, the use of the Six Sigma began in manufacturing using the define, measure, analyse, improve and control (DMAIC) discipline. This was then expanded to use design for Six Sigma using the DMAIC phases for designing new products. Transactional Six Sigma was applied next to business and support processes internally and externally where customer needs and interactions have become increasingly critical. This helped in optimizing cycle time and equipment usage, having fewer rejects or errors, improving response time to customer inquiries; reducing inspection, maintenance, inventory and other high costs, providing more employee development ,and boosting the bottom line. These impressive numbers have certainly played a major role in Samsung’s recent growth. Some indications of this include the following: • By 2001, SEC had earned net income of $2.2 billion on total revenues of $24.4 billion. Market capitalization stood at $43.6 billion. • According to SEC’s 2001 annual report, SEC now is one of the top 10
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