Management And Performance. The High-Performing Company

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Management and Performance
The high-performing company that I discovered was Starbucks. If you ever drive by or go into a Starbucks you will find lots of business and smiling faces regardless of the cost of a venti coffee. The reason is it’s not just about the beverage, it is about the way the company is managed. From the decor to the service you receive is all part of the formula for their success. I will present five reasons that Starbucks is considered a high-performing organization. First, off managers for all three levels have high standards based on the example of Howard Shultz, making people a priority from the customers to the employees. Second would be employee benefits and job satisfaction Howard Shultz believed it was
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After reviewing those sites and MSN money I found a lot of employee dissatisfaction with the CVS Health company. The first of my examples is employee complaints of managers having unreasonable expectations. According to MSN Money, one of the greatest complaints from the employees was that the company 's managers had unreasonable expectations. (Frohlich, Sauter, and Stebbins). It also stated that 60% of the employees did not approve of the CEO Larry Merlo. (Frohlich, Sauter, and Stebbins). A low-performing organization that sets unreasonable expectations demonstrates poor efficiency and effectiveness. Planning is one of the four tasks of management which is the ability to set expectations or goals that employees can accomplish. It also explains the actions in which an employee is able to achieve those goals. Management should be planners making reasonable expectations for the employees to accomplish. The second example is the company is financially focused instead of people focused. There should be a balance within any company to achieve the financial goals as well as employee satisfaction. Controlling is another one of the four tasks of management that I feel should be put into play in this situation. Controlling can evaluate the financial goals and the employee satisfaction goals to try finding the middle ground. Stockholders of CVS are much happier than their employees, “with a share increase of 240% increase in the last five years”
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