Management And The Classical School Of Management Essay

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The definition of ‘management’ is controversial and subject to debate. There have been many contradictory views on what the term ‘management’ means and accordingly how ‘one’ should correctly manage an organisation. These theories have been put forward by several highly regarded management scholars over time. By taking into account past knowledge and contemporary views on management, we are able to ‘’explore how thinking has changed through time’’. (Brooks, 2006 p.148). Moreover, businesses have, and can continue to be able to adapt these theories and put them into practice. Successfully applying correct management practices is especially vital in a global business environment which is becoming very competitive. ‘’Most management theories, even those that do not resonate comfortably with the prevailing mood, have attractive and valid elements to them.’’ (Robinson, 2005 ). For example, some of these theories can be seen flourishing in fast food chains like McDonalds.
Henri Fayol (1841-1925), was ‘’famous for the classical school of management, that emphasises command and control’’. (Robinson, 2005) He is deemed to be one of the founders of general and modern management; also referred to as the administrative theory and later becoming known as ‘Fayolism’.
Each day, Fayol took notes on management within the French steelmaking company he worked for. He was hired to oversee the liquidation of the company and eventually succeeded in bringing it back to financial solvency. These
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