Management Application: Job Offers and Interview Analysis

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Management application Maria had gone through some job interviews which according to her opinion had ben conducted in a courteous and were reasonably useful .The interviews gave her and the prospective employer a good impression of where both stood on matters that were important to the two of them. However the interview that she went for Apex Environmental was not anywhere near what she had previously experienced. First of all the panel that interviewed her conducted the interview in quite an unprofessional way. This was first through how the questions directed to her were presented. They presented the questions in a very bad way and Maria felt as if the questions were aimed at tripping her up and not finding out what she could offer to the firm through her engineering skills. They were not in nay way courteous in the way the asked the questions. They even went ahead and became irrelevant and drifted away from the agenda of the interview. They became sexist which is quite unprofessional and unacceptable in any interview. This interview was clearly not a reflection of a well-thought out interviewing strategy for the firm. This is because the panel consisted of the president of the company, two vice presidents, the marketing director and another engineer and despite this there was still no professionalism in the interview conducted. The company clearly does not have a clearly stipulated strategy that is usually used for carrying out interviews in the firm. This clearly
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