Management: Article Analysis

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Abstract This management essay has answered four different questions in the light of relevant articles. The questions are related to the challenges which managers face in a transnational business environment; the attitude of firms towards sustainability and corporate social responsibility; the flow of goods, resources, and information while developing a coordination system in a transnational organization; and managing the boundary, managing the knowledge flows, and providing strategic direction in cooperative ventures. Q. No. 1: the Flow of Goods, Resources, and Information while developing a Coordination System in a Transnational Organization In this faced-paced and competitive business environment, organizations need to develop strong networks with their customers, supply chain members, and strategic business partners in order to compete with their industry rivals in the most effective and profitable way. The biggest challenge here is to identify the core areas where they can invest or allocate their precious resources to get full advantage of the attractive opportunities from the market. When these organizations succeed in developing strong business relationships with their key stakeholders, the result comes in the form of innovation. Innovation as the Competitive Advantage: Birkinshaw, Bessant, & Delbridge (2007) have found that innovation is one of the biggest achievements an organization can make in the presence of a stiff competition or highly uncertain
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