Management Behavior

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Systems Theory which was first proposed by Ludwig von Bertelanffy (Hungarian biologist) in 1928, believes the different parts of an organization are all interrelated, thus if one variable is changed, this change could have an impact on the other parts of the organization. It further argues that, organizations are open systems, which constantly relate with its environment, where they are in a peculiar equilibrium, as they adjust to changes in the environment. Then for the purpose of this task, I chose to apply systems theory, since it also explains that, once an employee believes that his current state was invented by forces beyond his control, or by somebody else, and then he can not share that vision as his own. Meaning for an employee…show more content…
When you get to talk to most of the staffs at Big Joe, what really drives them is the fact that, they feel s part of a team and see the company as their own. To achieve successful team work in an office environment, personality matters a lot, the personality of each employee must somehow compliment, rather than be in conflict with each other. This is probably one of the major factors, which will determine the success of team work. As well, the leadership style matters a lot; the team members should all be given the feeling that, their individual contributions to the team task is invaluable, and that they are part of the decision making rather than just carrying out orders passed on to them. Flexibility of the job, job satisfaction, as well as proper understanding of the goals and vision of the company are some other factors that could affect the success of team work, if not properly handled. Each employee should be given the opportunity, to contribute to the achievement of the vision and goal of the business. The job must also be flexible enough, to allow the employees have time to engage in relaxation and fun activities, as this will improve team work and success of the business. The atmosphere of family must be encouraged, as employees must have this feeling that they are valued members of the team and see the
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